In Review: Weekend of 02/28/16

In addition to the games scheduled, Sunday February 28, 2016 proved to be a busy weekend!

STEP Academy
The day started at 10:00am with our “Dynamic Warm-up and Stretching” clinic hosted by the amazing coaches over at STEP Academy. Coaches Rod and Brian instructed our MMGSoftball participants on various warm-up drills to work on in the interests of getting ready to play and prevent injury on the field. The workout lasted at least 75 minutes and we are EXTREMELY PROUD that every single one of our girls made it through with no complaints! They gave total effort and got an excellent workout that they can continue to use in the future and share with their teammates.
 photo 3E46C983-7AD9-4A75-9AF2-183C91CBEB60_zpsftkufdj3.jpg

Legacy Brewing Tap & Kitchen
What’s follows a great workout? A good meal, of course. We are thankful to Legacy Brewing Tap & Kitchen for hosting an ALL DAY fundraiser for Mira Mesa Girls Softball. Their only requirement was for families to come in and tell their server they were with Mira Mesa Girls Softball and a portion of every one of those bills was donated to MMGSoftball. The food is excellent for the family and they have a great selection of craft brews for the parents. Make sure to visit this wonderful establishment frequently for their exciting gourmet menu items and to thank them for supporting our kids!
 photo A3ACB2EF-F4AC-4504-B700-CBFF21283E3C_zpslr7anezc.jpg

If you missed either of these events, no worries! Our sponsorship coordinator is working on some follow-up events with both of these amazing businesses. Make sure to follow our social media outlets and check back here for updates!


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