Banner Contest: Vote by 03/26/16

Here are the contestants for the Spring 2016 Team Banner Contest:

Spirit Division:
 photo Spirit Division_zpstht3pjjx.jpg

T-Ball Blue Butterflies:
 photo Tball Blue Butterflies_zpsh80wj2fx.jpg

T-Ball Purple Panthers:
 photo Tball Purple Panthers_zpsrtiha9na.jpg

8U Blue Blaze:
 photo 8u Mira Mesa Blue Blaze_zpsx64zydzy.jpg

8U Green Ninjas:
 photo 8u Green Ninjas_zpsyptxuzfr.jpg

10U Hurricanes:
 photo 10u Hurricanes_zpsmtfifciu.jpg

10U Sharpies:
 photo 10u Sharpies_zpsd0wxxtzn.jpg

10U Warriors:
 photo 10u Warriors_zpslcyb7unh.jpg

Votes will be taken in the snack bar on Saturday 3/26 and the winning team will be announced the weekend after spring break.

The winner will receive a pizza and/or ice cream social up to $50. The team will pay for the event and then submit their receipt for reimbursement of $50 max.

Votes can only be given by parents, players are not allowed to vote.

If you have any questions please contact us at



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